A 500m, 10.000psig hotline was connected to a hot stab an deployed sub sea . The hot stab was deployed and connected to the LC2 connector on the wellhead panel. This gave access to the flow meter via the following path:

  • 3/8" Control Line
  • CIV2 Valve
  • Check Valve
  • Entry between PMV and PWV
  • Isolation against XOV and PMV ( both closed position )
  • Valve Block
  • Choke
  • 6" flow-line
  • Flow-base hub
  • Flow base loop to meter run
  • Loop to PFV95-flow-line valve ( closed position )

The volume of the system was approx. 300L.

The operation was conducted and successfully eliminated leakage with fluid in the system. A gas leak was measured to 2 deciliters per hour. One was only allowed to raise the pressure to 50 % of the operation pressure. Another procedure was suggested to the customer to be able to eliminate the microscopic leak, by introducing more pressure during the sealing operation. To be evaluate. The well was put back on production!