The well was successfully repaired and returned to service using SEALMAKER International pressure activated sealant.

The repair was performed by first injected 120 liters of Sealmaker to fill the TSR annulus. The TSR was pressurized to displace the sealant into and through the leak. Partial sealing immediately occurred and the leak rate was slowed to 3 bar/min at 345 bar, but leak-off continued to occur at 345 bar . A stabilized seal was established at 150 bar. The leak was then shut-in and allow to cure for 12 hours. Additional sealant was then injected and the seal pressure was increased to 232 bar over the next 12 hours. Again the leak was allowed to cure for 12 hours with no leak off. The pressure was then raised successfully to 345 bar. After reaching 345 bar, the TSR annulus pressure was then cycled 6 times from 345-0 bar to verify integrity. After confirmation that seal was intact and stable at 345 bars, the TSR annulus was then pressure tested overnight(12 hours)with zero loss. The well was then inflow tested under normal flow conditions with no pressure build-up into the TSR, showing the SEALMAKER Sealant technology to provide stability on both directions against sustained pressure. The well was then returned to service.