The objective of the operation was to inject SEAKMAKER sealants into the Void and repair the leaking seals. Connection to the wellhead void was made at test port 11 thru a Vetco stringer. The sealant was then pumped into the void and to the leak point and manipulated to seal the leak. Stingers needle valves and gauges were also installed on ports 10,12 and 13.

While well flowing we pumped Hydraulic Oil 400 ml per minute at 300psig. Injected thereafter sealant into the void area, a total amount of sealants of 4 liter. Sealant started to form at 2000psig. Increased to 2800psig by heat expansion. Worked the pressure up to 3300psig. Cycled the pressure from 0-3300psig 4 times. Pressure holding.